Friday, 25 July 2014

Effective Design Principles for Business Websites

More than any other type of website, the business webpage must successfully hold the interest of visitors or suffer losing prospective clients. Business owners should keep the following design principles in mind when consulting with a web designer familiar with search engine and brand optimization techniques.

To significantly reduce a page’s clutter, the layout and navigation should be intuitively designed, with important sections being listed in a logical order. The menu should give visitors a clear idea of where they are in the website at any given moment.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Taking Care of Your Credibility through Internet Marketing in Richmond

Richmond may have Lulu Island all to itself, but business operators do recognise the need to be better than everybody else. The district has a plethora of businesses of various fields and one ill word about one outlet may sink its reputation fast. Preventing that from stopping a business cold entails tried and tested support like reputation management– one that Richmond internet marketing experts like those from Red Ape Media are ready to take action on.

Reputation management (RM) is a method of handling all the good and bad press that come your way. The road to effective RM starts by looking up your name and business over search engines. Once hits on good or bad things about you emerge, you will need ways to highlight the positive while burying the negative; your marketing provider may educate you on some online tools that alert you if new materials emerge.